Minor Requirements Unversity of north texas

Students must complete a total of 18 hours for the minor, including at least 9 hours from the Ethnic Studies core. Only three courses from any one discipline count in the minor.

At least two courses must be advanced (3000-4000 level)

Ethnic Studies Required Course (3 Hours)

ANTH/SOCI 2070 Introduction to Race/Ethnic Studies

(This course focuses on the general theoretical questions involved in race/ethnic issues and methodology in ethnic studies.)

Ethnic Studies Core: Choose at least 2 courses (6 or more hours)

ANTH 2350 Diversity in American (U.S.) Cultures
ANTH 4050 Contemporary Ethnic Groups
ANTH 5070 (4900) Urban Ethnic Cultures
SOCI 3600 Multiracial Families
SOCI 4540 Race and Ethnic Minorities

Approved Electives (9 hours)

AGER 4560 Minority Aging
ANTH 2045 Gender across Cultures
ANTH 2100 World Cultures through film
ANTH 2150 World Cultures
ANTH 3100 Native American Indians, sec. 001
ANTH 3100 Latinos in the U.S., sec. 012
ANTH 3100 Mexican-American Culture, sec. 013
ANTH 3350 American Culture and Society

ANTH 3700 Peoples and Cultures of South Asia
ANTH 4030 African-American Culture
ANTH 4050 Contemporary Ethnic Groups
ANTH 4070 Urban Ethnic Cultures
ANTH 4610 Race, Ethnicity, and Identity, sec. 011
CJUS 2600 Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice
EDEC 4360 Multicultural Awareness for Teachers
EDUC 2000 Exploring Diversity through Action
HIST 4440 African-American History/Culture to 1900 
HIST 4450 African-American History/Culture since 1900 
HIST 4870 Indian Policy in American History
JOUR 4250 Race, Gender, & the Media
PADM 2100 Diversity in Urban Governance
PSCI 4820 Ethnicity and Nationalism
SOCI 2010 Race, Class, Gender, and Ethnicity
SOCI 4160 Developing Societies
THEA 2260 Non-Western Theatre and Drama
WMST 4980 Latinas in and out of the Mainstream


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