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Ethnic Studies Overview

The ethnic studies program provides students an understanding of the complex issues surrounding racial and cultural differences in the United States. Students gain insights into the historical, political, social and popular aspects of ethnicity and will develop an informed view of how and why race continues to shape social reality in the United States.

Businesses, institutions, and governmental agencies are increasingly aware of the need to acknowledge and address the complexity of ethnic and race relations. Employers seek individuals who demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively and the ability to work well with others. The Ethnic Studies program provides a set of skills and knowledge beneficial to many students and especially to the following groups: Primary Education Teachers, Social Workers, Human Services-related professionals, Business Majors, Liberal Arts Majors, and Law and public service professionals.

This program takes racial and ethnic identities and inequalities as its subject and serves, in the process, as a broader base of support for minority students on college campuses. It also strives to 1) draw more broadly from the student body; and 2) infuse distinctive ethnic studies theoretical, methodological and archival perspectives into the subjects and issues addressed throughout the curriculum. Courses in ethnic studies offer varied theoretical and historical perspectives about racial and ethnic groups in such areas as family, gender, literature, politics and world cultures. At UNT, Ethnic Studies is a university wide program of study, administered through the College of Public Affairs and Community Service.

Career Potential

With the noticeable increase in ethnic studies programs both on national and global scales, UNT is committed to meeting the rising demand for ethnic studies as an academic discipline. Our growing program is one of several ethnic studies programs in the country.

The Ethnic Studies Minor

The College of Public Affairs and Community Service at UNT currently offers an undergraduate minor in ethnic studies. The interdisciplinary minor allows students to design an individual course of study that suits their own academic interests and needs. Whatever the students major, the interdisciplinary minor enhances the basic degree plan. Courses are offered in departments such as anthropology, applied gerontology, criminal justice, educational foundations, history, journalism, political science, public administration, social work, sociology and women studies among others. Several faculty members regularly teach courses examining roles, activities and experiences of racial and ethnic groups and theories about race/ethnic relations.

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